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 In addition to our weekly free support groups, we offer one on one private infant feeding consults covered by insurance.  This is a benefit to everyone with insurance as required under the Affordable Care Act.  We offer office visits, home visits, and telehealth visits to make it as convenient as possible for you.



      Our consults cover it all:

Milk Supply, Milk Production, Latch & Positioning, Engorgement, Clogged Ducts, Mastitis, Sore Nipples, Hand Expression, Pumping, Back to Work, and Starting Solids.  If you have questions, we have answers.  We want to help you on your feeding journey to meet any and all of your goals.

Prenatal Consults - 1 hour

In a prenatal consult, we start by reviewing your medical history. We talk about any questions or concerns you are having regarding breastfeeding your baby. We will go over some of the foundations of breastfeeding: latch and positioning, how milk production works, normal newborn behaviors, and how to set yourself up for success in the early days. This consult includes a customized plan of care for you to achieve your breastfeeding goals.

Initial Postpartum Consults 1-1.5 hours

In an initial consult, we do a thorough medical history, perform an assessment of the baby including an oral assessment, weigh the baby pre and post feed, examine a complete breastfeeding session, perform breast assessment of mom, help with latch and positioning, and discuss findings and recommendations including a customized care plan tailored to fit your needs.

Tongue and Lip Tie Support - we are the providers for our area who have extra specialized training and experience assessing and evaluating for oral restrictions such as tongue, lip, and/or buccal ties.  We perform oral infant exams and offer multiple oral motor therapy treatment plans to support you and your baby pre and post frenectomy.


Request a consult below:

registered nurse lactation consultant home visit
lactation consultant appointment at home
lactation consultant office appointment
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Baby Stretches
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